Our favourite season at Casa Mãe: the Indian summer…  The perfect time to enjoy algarvian’s beautiful light, relaxing vibes, warm sun and sunbathing on almost empty beaches… and the best part is that blessed season is stretching until November here ;)

To celebrate properly this special season, we have curated with the weekender a special program including a gin feast, meditation classes, residence of an Aussie chef & sommelier duo, workshop with a German artist to learn Japanese marbling techniques…


Just to give you more good reasons to come and visit us ;)


SET 12th - SET 15th


Lot of gin to kick off the indian summer at Casa Mãe!  We are partnering with the independent magazine The Weekender and three craft gin producers, Monkey 47, Gin Sul and the Portuguese Alentejo gin Sharish for a serie of tastings, pairings and workshops to introduce you to the richness of the gin’s flavours.


It will start on September 12th: gin degustation with Florian from Gin Sul, Manuel from gin Sharish and Dirk from the Weekender. They will walk you through the steps of the gin production and the aromatics that make up the gins palette and their distinctiveness.

The tasting will be followed by a 5 course dinner at our restaurant Orta exploring combinations of the sunny algarvian flavours with the gin aromas and cocktails.

Limited availability, 59eur per pax


For the cocktail enthusiasts, we will continue the gin cycle with 3 cocktail workshops, one per day from 5.30pm to 6.30pm to start the evening smoothly – the sessions will be in small groups of max 5/6 persons for you to learn special techniques and tips to get perfectly balanced gin cocktails

Limited availability, 25eur per pax





SEP 19th


As part of the mindfulness retreat hosted by the inspiring Ashley Paquin, on September 19th, she will give a restorative meditation class designed to rinse the body and mind of stress. This guided meditation class is open to everyone, the retreaters but also hotel guests and any walk ins.

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Limited availability 20eur per pax


Here the details



SEP 25th  - OCT 15th


Aussie chef and sommelier take residence at Casa Mãe

From September 25th to October 15th, we have the pleasure to host the talented chef & sommelier couple, Mal & Kate.  Their travelling pop-up restaurant concept focuses on locality & seasonality and celebrates the enjoyment that is found from what's on the fork and what's in the glass.  Over the past months, the couple has been embracing the European summer season with pop ups in the south of France, Brussels and London.  This European tour will beautifully end at Casa Mãe, the ideal place to enjoy the last glimpses of the summer.  Mal & Kate will take over the kitchen of our secular Casa Mãe to arrange refined dinners and lunches that will be served in the cosy and intimate atmosphere of the dining rooms or in the shade of the pergola of the ancient house…


Limited availability






OCT 12th  - OCT 15 th


Berlin Studio Sonder 54 residence at Casa Mãe x The Weekender

From October 12 th to October 15 th, we have the pleasure to welcome Carly From Sonder 54 and Luir, a berlin based creative studio and Dirk, the editor in chief at the Weekender.

Carly will turn our cork room into a pop up studio to host a serie of workshops exploring an  ancient Japanese paper printing technique, the Suminagashi. Guided by Carly, using traditional methods, you will create beautiful and unique prints by floating and manipulating sumi inks on water.

Limited availability  2/3 hours . 30eur/ pax




OCT 13th




Dirk who has curated for us the residence of Carly will talk about editorial trends and independent magazines, all this in the cosy living room of Casa Mãe with some drinks and small bites for a cultural aperitivo ;)

Limited availability 13th October . 6.30pm . 15eur/ pax